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tv   [untitled]    January 22, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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it starts on t.v. don't come. six thirty am in moscow good to have you with us here on our t.v. easier headlines lawyers have alleged russian arms trader victor buddha said to challenge the u.s. government attempt to prosecute the man dubbed the merchant of death the defense claims goob was extradited from thailand to the u.s. illegally against established procedures if found guilty he could face life behind bars. protests in oslo as norwegians lend their support to a russian born immigrant about to be deported despite being brought up in the country and voted a model citizen maria pace has drawn calls from human rights groups for norway to change its immigration policy despite public outcry authorities are set on deporting her as early as next week. and the six party talks in istanbul and in
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disappointment over iran's nuclear program to iran insists on its right to enrich uranium on the go she has pushed for a fuel swap plan to take the process of broad no future date set for any further talks. explores a corner of london that most definitely is a little part of russia stay with us moscow out coming your way next. hello and welcome to the program of exploring different cities around you are taking a look at russian history and culture meeting russian experts ex-pats exploring
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russian life outside of russia and we begin this week showed the beautiful city of london for centuries russia has influence culture all over the world today that fusion continues in arts and entertainment a rich and diverse mix that it cites the senses. says the feel of the u.s. is solved thousands of russians have moved to london the recent opportunity to close proximity to moscow good education class system status. but even a reason from taking their the football clubs newspapers to make major moves in the fashion scenes influential russians have certainly made their mark in the british capital over the past twenty years with that's true range of business is good to russians have opened up in london like this. if you're looking for authentic. this is the place to come this is one of the most popular russian stores in the capital whether you're looking for a russian class or any other ingredients you'll find it all here because my
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favorite. although you will pay for it good so approximately double the cost of a all in moscow. prices aside what's the most popular purchase here. one of the most popular products. punk weeks according to. summer pools there has been a funk we crises in russia but we have regular supplies and you can always find it in our shop even though it's in major demand we always have enough of it another popular item is roy bread every russian should have allowed on the dining table. and it's not just russian food the has a successful market in london now moscow's restaurant is on making an impact too and that leads us to this week's guest. ok love recently you now you're famous you're obviously in moscow tell me about your plans
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. your goal this goal and yes that i was looking for a place for a long time and find one that just recently currently i'm working on a restaurant in may fear it will be an asian restaurant and italian restaurant and bar. how did you start off in the restaurant business. the bills and it was a long time ago. i've been working in restaurants for thirty years now and i don't my first one in one nine hundred ninety one. i had them bishan and want to talk my own and then step by step i created more and more restaurants and no i've reached london of the also the now you have dozens of amazing glamorous restaurants in moscow how do you think the two cities of london and the russian capital compare. along the news that there was delicious food is in demand in london do you need the right people as well. in moscow to my disappointment people are going to restaurants where there's some kind of action. you know the place is visited by
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popular people and celebrities. it's all just about fashion. and i love tasty restaurants i love food. and worked as a chef for a long time but i want people to praise the food not the people. how competitive do you think the london restaurant scene is and how successful do you hope to be here. recently i walked around chelsea of the district where i live at ten in the evening. but if that was what i wanted to see how few of the restaurants were not on tuesday all the seven restaurants i visited. i could hardly find an empty seat i said must go but they seem time in moscow it's empty. tasty food is important for me. you're close and i understand that both londoners and serious school to restaurants for delicious food here which is. the final question to all the restaurants and the russians here in london all foreigners all this is all part
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of your deal increasing a big restaurant with a running one hundred twenty places in the asian one one hundred seventy in the italian one and another hundred in the bar so if you're one of his welcome but it will know from personal experience i'm sure everyone will love your restaurants here in london is that it's me. project for. those who missed reading. skills in the language there's a bookshop in central london where thousands of publications can be found called the. kinds of books in the russian language including classics and contemporary writers russian history. and easy reading material such as love story paperbacks a range of d.v.d.'s of films and can be purchased at the shop you can come here enjoy reading with a cup of tea and sweets for those who live outside london. ordering online.
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children's books are in big demand as there are many multilingual families where one parent speaks russian and they want their kids to be able to speak russian to the literature for children is very popular with our customers. notice where the capitals many young people from russia come here to study for a good experience. there are many russian students taking courses in. london's famous university but some choose the only way to get into the industry. came to the british capital as a journalist writing for top fashion magazines in the u.k. as well as working on articles. from russian vogue. she met another female. who decided to work on a label creating collections of clothes and accessories for self-made business women.
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where. for example this jacket over a little. it. was sick. the quality. our next location is the beautiful russian orthodox cathedral in west london the parish is one of the oldest in western europe dating back to the end of the seventeenth century when peter the great visit to england in sixty ninety eight the church founded then was called the greek russian church it was attached to the russian embassy in november one thousand nine hundred seventy the first stone was laid for the foundation of the new russian cathedral here in harvard road she sick. personal for our church and she's a quest london was built over ten years ago founded using private money it's an important place for many russians here in the capital not just as
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a place of worship but where ex-pats can meet others and be part of a close knit community. today the church has a sister a school but to talk religion the recent language anderson literature and singing on sundays and festivals the sisterhood and the person is prepare meals which allow russian ex-pats get together beyond church services to meet guests of the parish. along. with them people go to church mostly on sundays so during the week there aren't many visitors here but on weekends the church is fully packed with around two hundred visitors. it's a landmark you can't miss in london as a place that brings the local russian community closer together a welcome addition to russian life in the. mix of the glamorous world of caviar. i say recently and yes cologne was now you have a caviar business here in the u.k.
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something else you do every last three years with a company that supplies coverage of the u.k. market and apparently you have some very very important customers yes we do have a number of customers in the last customer who joined our exclusive clients we think came from buckingham palace. staying what i want to. the salvia couple was. a usual quite usual and very famous scolding ride which was out of the monkey school. but it used to be the free would go to the stars really the shots of who are. discovery always bad and now in some areas yes there was a bill bromide buy and hold two years which is now lifted but russia kazakhstan and the other custom countries are imposing their own in february experience and that's when it would last twenty years and that's so the first stop has multiplied exactly
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because sergio was one of the great problems pollution and you can control is because of custom see borders very well now i presume you are very expensive no such a reasonable price because we are new in the market and we want. ok try it for schools it's. on the hand of trying to get. it so i would light and delicate a little taste of russia here in the british capital of course the oldest cellulitis me thank you very much most interesting. so grab as many cool it's commission shops and exhibitions to churches and be safe and to architects and designers you can even find bush name streets inset in areas a sign of the ever growing multicultural capital yes the new wave of russians in
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the u.k. has rules mystery and intrigue but at the same time the two nations are becoming closer as a result of the strengthen ties the cultural world has exploded with opportunity. does not come so that you think well unfortunately that's all tell me on this week's program i'll see you again at the same time next week for more and. the russian of russian culture in the buses capital and tell them for me and the rest of the crew for the. very first verses of the bible that all human beings are created but sentimental came in god's image and it doesn't say just jews or knowledge is. sixty to
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seventy percent of what i did as a combat soldier in the occupied territories. doing what we call making our presence felt to go out should some so they hear a knock on some doors from to the other corner and they don't know how religion and nationalism not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed few one. thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect until a feat you have to be either extremely naive or extremist we don't need to hear a few religious jew calling another jew on not not the way they really did not. wealthy british style.
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market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on our.
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lawyers of alleged russian arms trafficker viktor bood set to challenge the u.s. government attempt to prosecute the man dubbed the merchant of death defense claims but was extradited from taiwan to the u.s. illegally against established procedures if found guilty you could face life in prison. protests in oslo as norwegians lend their support to a russian born immigrant about to be deported despite being brought up in the country and voted a model citizen cases drawn calls from human rights groups for norway to change its immigration policy despite the public outcry authorities are set on the boarding her as early as next week. and six party talks in istanbul and in disappointment over iran's nuclear program terror on insists on its right to enrich uranium on the goes here is push for a fuel swap plan take the process abroad no future date set for further talks with
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. italian joins us next with the sports outlook where there is no shortage of russian women lining up for a place in the australian open stay with us for the. welcome to the sports news that he calls without top stories world number two battles the night all the boxes into the last sixteen of the all see open while he demands to all mikhail youzhny suffers a shock defeat in round three. clash of the conference as we preview the first of the n.f.l. semifinals green bay versus chicago and that's the decider. and also l.a. when else they beat iraq by a single goal to advancing to the asian cup semifinals. let's get started in melbourne and there will be four russian women vying for
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a quarter final place at the australian open this year second see the videos were not always one of them off to al gunning lucie safarova in straight sets on saturday the world number two before a set six three barely breaking into a sweat and the pro says but the matter was made to work for the fourth spot in the second so far of a babbling game and to force a tie break was when i will finally came out the right side of an eleven to nine school and now the czech event the benefit of a mix of. the level of my game if you would computer to these matters to my first marriage i think i was. ready and there is still room for improvement. now kim clijsters continues a run in melbourne as well beating elliott scored in that first set went to tie break which came taking at seven three with a classy backhand window. the second was more straightforward as she to get six three admitted after the match she hasn't reached a best for me yet. you know and really kind of times and i didn't finish off my
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point. so that i was building up my points pretty well when i was you know in charge you know a couple times most of the easier volleys and felt that i could maybe could drive slowly and kind of finish off the points a little bit sooner. i worked out there still stayed focused and monthly tough. you know it's really nice to do. and some more fixtures from day six there's a lot of us next opponent about the benefit of security picture of on this this year. there was also an old russian battle on the day with one seed to be considered the muck out of upsetting the. eight six in the decider and local favorite samantha stall sore suited fifth there's also losing to patrick. meanwhile mikhail youzhny is shot defeated by a male issue i want to change around three am did russia's participation in the men's side of the draw down seeded usually forced back his bags up to the twenty year old with the shot even down so no mailwasher has remained in singles action in
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melbourne elsewhere. ferrera had no such worries both mandated free with easy victories. as do you draw fellow doll the top seed coming out a sixty two seven five and six three way to over local man bernard tomic rafael setting up a last sixteen meeting with gracious surely it should have fitted american john kerry in his third round try also on saturday. all the players are really. very firm. that's normal for the people. no that's. very very we're going to be really. have to remember. and to mario also made sure that he's safely into the second week the world number five in syria salumi walloping here we are with there see a lot cruising to
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a six one six one six two victory and he has the up to drop at south base here in melbourne. as good. as equipment. to get out of the. well that brings us to the english premier league with a games on south today and in the early one livable quain their first win on the manager county del wish seeing all wolves three mail on the road for a lot of tourists with the phrase they're. all the reds elsewhere manchester united have extended their lead to the top at least for a couple of hours the red devils crushing birmingham city five nailed with a hat trick of birth but of the sixteen meanwhile failed to catch up with united as they are all still struggling alcindor vale up one nailed so arsenal apparently
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second thanks to call for them to win we're going to open one percy with a hatchery that wants the rest of the time it's on the screen as well with fourth placed chelsea travelling to bolton. now staying with football but moving to qatar where australia booked a place in the last four of the asian cup that's off the beach in iraq won the all in the cool to as normal time couldn't separate the side so we don't went into an extra period where the aussies succeeded in being one hundred and eight minutes carrick you will receive a pinpoint pass from at mackay ahead of the ball into the match between australia and their old. trait of setting up a semifinal against was based on japan will beat south korea and the other say meet the old now it's do or die time in the n.f.l. playoffs so with the conference championships on full consideration this weekend but again new york go had to having the a.f.c. decide of but it's the oldest much up in the game that gets going first on sunday
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it was a war of ski previews the n.f.c. championship clash. the longest standing rivalry in the n.f.l. belongs to the bears and the packers despite many generations worth of battles dating all the way back to nine hundred twenty one the upcoming n.f.c. championship showdown may prove their biggest clash yet the two teams have met just once in the postseason and most fans in attendance likely won't remember that game which took place on december fourteenth one thousand nine hundred forty one the packers were able to battle through mounting injuries this year and got their playoff going by taking down the red hot michael vick and the philadelphia eagles of a different feather was up next and green bay against the care of business by shocking the top seed the atlanta falcons the team showing it can overcome its previous winning two crucial games away from lambeau field one of the league's most feared linebackers mathews the third still remembers his regular season meeting the bears
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and is hoping for more of the same on sunday. so. we can. get to that ten to three season finale when the sole reason for the packers season berth in reality only the true bears faithful believe their team would be one win away from the super bowl when the season started but chicago made all the right moves in the off season eccentric ah fence of corner mike martz and quarterback jay cutler on the same page as the bears totally dismantled the seahawks in their only postseason game ninety one million dollar man julius peppers holding up his end of the bargain on the defensive side cutler was able to run free and had time to throw against seattle but offensive line play has been the team's. there and while the fans are fired up about history which could be made. on doing his job.
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in this game i want to. know the words of those. you know. the bears are looking to return to the super bowl for the first time since two thousand and six where lovie smith and his charges lost to the indianapolis colts the packers were led by brett farve back when they want it all in one nine hundred ninety six and came up short in the final a year later so two storied rivals going to head to head in what is seen as one of the most important chapters in the bears packers saga the gorski. and the cage held in the moscow have ended their eleven game losing streak by beating to minsk on home ice three one and then you can model. their us love salt on the scoreboard for the muscovite swelling the only other game of the day second from bottom beat is lost it's not very good. and more ice hockey news now we have
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gained in the balkans well finished this season with the new york islanders the new york team snatch the thirty five year old russian goalie away from the detroit red wings just days after his signed a one year contract with them remember the n.h.l. still active bargaining agreement says that anyone who plays in a professional league before signing a contract mostly away was. over to women's biathlon no way russians to be fooled by a six kilometer relay at the six stage of the world cup on saturday because. the galley to serve it's not totally agree so i don't design so i have six spare hours unfinished fifty seven seconds ahead of sweden while the german boy completed the podium up to clinching the bronze. and there was further success for russia in cross-country skiing as on time she wanted to bronze in the past start losing just four chance of a second to sweden's bjorn ferry who clinched the silver with margin for saab taking the top honors with
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a massive seventeen second advantage. over in court tina dumbfound so maria reached posted her third down here when all the world cup season german beating americans julie among the crew so i mean this is what i'm going to second and third respectively. first spot in this discipline in three years reach meanwhile extended her overall world cup lead but one retains top spot in the downhill standings the action on the olympic slopes in cortina concludes with a super junior race on sunday. and in golf martin camera leads the abu dhabi championship going into the final day after shooting a sixty six on saturday the twenty town p.g.a. championship winner closing in on his third title in abu dhabi and last year's race to dubai winner only needs a top seven finish to overtake diag or was as well number two the final round to have drawn even kilroy's in second place five strokes off the irishman eagling the
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last hurdle for a best of the day calling sixty five and bushman david lean lies washout further behind in third place. and that's it for the moment on the way in a few moments a look at the world weather stay with us. we'll . bring you the latest science technology from the rooms. we've got the future covered.
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in the czech republic he's available in a hotel and science central hotel prima vera most full stop by which i am a taste in bosnia and herzegovina available in. me and the children of each. put you know. to my coat. colder a boutique hotel.


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